Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ramblings (TV SHOW)

Garo Yami o Terasu Mono SHOW ( Personal Opinion).

The BLOG that promises to have weekly random picks in its writing...... The writer forgets to do so. T_T
I shall do it now until I am unable to do so.

                   This week picks we go on to TV shows. Japanese Real Life action or TOKUSATSU show "Garo Yami o Terasu Mono". Currently airing at Japan television by TV Tokyo tales of supernatural heroism with a bit of adult taste into the story plot and graphic. Parental guidance may be required if you have kids watching this show.

            Its a story of Makai Knights (warriors of the light) fighting against horrors (evil creatures that are formed from the dark secrets and desire of the human soul). The current setting for this third instalment of  the series sets in the city of Volcity, Maintained and controlled by the Kaneshiro family. Our young brash Makai Knight, Dougai Ryuuga joining the other makai knights and priest to protect from the evils that lurks unbeknownst to the citizen.

My comment of the show would be good but still not as good as the previous two series before. It lacks something that I can't quite explain it. Its would be probably a fan thing wanting to see the connection of the series with its predecessor . However its just the 18th episode and the plot is getting interesting, I hope the finale will be a blast and makes its connection with the previous series before it.

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garo:_Yami_o_Terasu_Mono
Garo page: http://garo-project.jp/TV3/index.html#/top/
Tv Tokyo: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/garo-yami/index2.html
Yorkemaster image: http://yorkemaster.deviantart.com/art/Garo-Yami-o-Terasu-Mono-364822751

Disclaimer: the above is the writers personal view and has not afflictions with other parties personal interest. Also, the writer doesn't know Japanese language but enjoys watching Japanese television shows.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Wellington is getting chilly in the past couple of days. The wind is unpredictable as the clouds. People going out into the city would be best to listen to the weather forecast so that they would not forget to bring essential items to protect themselves incase there is rain or a storm coming their way. Anyway, updates for the blog today.

It has being a while going to vic uni after the trimester have started. I am seeing new bloods around uni and it makes me feel like an older guy. The place is in renovation with some parts still maintaining its normal grandure and physique. Class is interesting as usual and pumps me up to study. I Hope to push this old brick of mine to function and finish this final tri in uni here with ease and no regrets.

   Hope folks who read this should never ever give up no matter what challenges that lies ahead. If in any time losing hope, remember this words of Plato. Plato, a Greece philosopher once said that " The measure of a man is by what he does with power". If you ever feel like giving up and feeling no power to change things that happened to you, this is wrong. A handicapped men, who without proper body limbs was able to live his life to the fullest and motivate people. Why can't a man who is complete with all the limbs to live life fully.
The power meant by Plato,  readers do apologize me if I wrongly intrepret it. Power is the human soul. The human soul is strong as long as you believe it.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Life is going pretty smooth around the bustling and quiet city of wellington. hahaha. Sounds weird if you ask me. Bustling yet quiet. What I mean is by the quiet nights except for the weekend nights around here. Its calm and relaxing in wellington, especially when hanging out near the pier. I like the view of the sunset and the sea. Listening to the sea waves and watching kids running around for school field trips brings back my old memories of being a school children. Field trips are fun especially seeing new things and it helps develop the childs mind about the world, its a big world out here.

  Moreover, the world is getting pretty challenging these days with work getting more hard to get and only the best is needed. I think I should do more field trips if I were to be a teacher someday. Someday.......