Friday, March 18, 2011


Wellington is getting chilly in the past couple of days. The wind is unpredictable as the clouds. People going out into the city would be best to listen to the weather forecast so that they would not forget to bring essential items to protect themselves incase there is rain or a storm coming their way. Anyway, updates for the blog today.

It has being a while going to vic uni after the trimester have started. I am seeing new bloods around uni and it makes me feel like an older guy. The place is in renovation with some parts still maintaining its normal grandure and physique. Class is interesting as usual and pumps me up to study. I Hope to push this old brick of mine to function and finish this final tri in uni here with ease and no regrets.

   Hope folks who read this should never ever give up no matter what challenges that lies ahead. If in any time losing hope, remember this words of Plato. Plato, a Greece philosopher once said that " The measure of a man is by what he does with power". If you ever feel like giving up and feeling no power to change things that happened to you, this is wrong. A handicapped men, who without proper body limbs was able to live his life to the fullest and motivate people. Why can't a man who is complete with all the limbs to live life fully.
The power meant by Plato,  readers do apologize me if I wrongly intrepret it. Power is the human soul. The human soul is strong as long as you believe it.

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